Earn 2000 PKR Daily From Snack Video App

With millions of users, Snack Video has become one of the best social media platforms that helps content creators showcase their creativity and provide the best method to monetize it.

Whether you are a content creator or want to make short videos related to any field, it can be a good option for you. If you also waste your time by scrolling down all day or you want to earn something from it.

However many users are still confused. Can we earn money from snack videos? Can this app give us something to earn? Then, viewers, We will tell you in this article how you can use this to earn 2000 Pkr daily. So let’s start.

Earn upto 2000pkr daily:

But if you see that 2000 Pkr is almost about 7$ to 8$, then it will not be wrong to say that if you follow the right strategies and actions, then you can easily earn this money sitting at home in Pakistan.

Refer and Earn:

Friends, if you are a Snack user, then let me tell you that, there are many ways to earn money from it, but the easiest method is that you can share referral links with others. So you can earn money by joining other people on snack videos.

Snack Video offers a referral program using which you can get others to join and in return, you get a referral commission which is around 230pkr to 500pkr Pakistan Rupees.

If you have good followers on social media or you have many friends who use social media, then you can share your referral link with them by telling them and getting them to join you.

Earn 2000 PKR Daily

Affiliate Marketing:

If you want to earn 2000pkr or more than in Pakistan, Affiliate marketing can be a better option for you. In Affiliate marketing, you can promote other brands’ products and services through affiliate links.

When someone purchases your link you will get some commission. This commission is normally different for products and services. Now it depends on you which product you will promote and what is the percentage commission. It also depends on your chosen niche.

How to start affiliate marketing with snack videos?

Choose a niche: To start affiliate marketing you must first choose your niche, and what skill and expertise you are good at. The niche has to be chosen according to your profession so that you can be more active in it and provide more content about your passion.

Choose Affiliate Programs: When you finally choose a niche, you have to check what products are available in your niche that you can promote and earn money. If you create videos related to tech, you can promote tech-related products.

After that, you have to join affiliate programs related to your niche. Many affiliate programs on the Internet provide you with commissions on every sale, including Amazon Affiliate Clickbank, etc.

Content: Content is the main part of your success so you have to make your videos high-quality and engaging. As you know, this is the era of short videos, and not every user has enough time to watch your complete video.

Therefore, you have to engage the initial part of the video so that the viewer gets attached to the video. Doing this will have a very positive impact on your watch time and the algorithm of the snack video will promote your videos, which means more views on your videos and more money you earn through affiliate marketing.


In final words, I would just like to say that it is not only a platform for scrolling down and watching videos but you also can earn 2000 rupees daily sitting at home in Pakistan using it which is called a good income. Yes, if you don’t know how to earn money from snack videos, then we have made a complete guide in this article, by following these methods, you can start earning a good income.

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