How to Earn Money from Facebook Reels in Pakistan? (2024)

Do you enjoy creating short videos and looking for ways to monetize them? What if we told you that you can earn money by monetizing your passion? So you don’t need to panic Facebook has launched its new feature that is known as Reels. It’s a great way to monetize short videos. In this article, we’ll explore the insights of earning money from Facebook Reels in Pakistan, breaking down the process into simple, actionable steps.

What are Facebook Reels?

Facebook Reels is a part of Facebook designed for people who want to make short videos. As you know today is the era of short videos, people like to watch short videos and rarely go for long videos. So after looking at the interest of users, all the major platforms have given their short videos feature.

Facebook has given the option of Reels, which you can also call Instagram Reels, these two platforms are connected. YouTube has launched Short Features that work in exactly the same way. Due to the popularity of major platforms like TikTok and Snack Video, these major platforms had to make this decision.

It can be used in many ways. Many content creators gain too much popularity due to this, many business owners use it to promote their business and improve their online visibility. It’s not only a platform for content creators, but also a great way to promote businesses and brands.

Earn from Facebook Reels in Pakistan:

Facebook Reels has opened many doors for Pakistani content creators to earn money whether you belong to any niche or category it would be a helpful tool for you. If you don’t know about this awesome feature, then we will give you a complete guide on how you can monetize your short content in 2024:

Setting up Your Facebook Reels Account:

Do you need a special account for reels? No, Many users think like this but this option is available in normal accounts. You can scroll down the option to see this feature as we have shown in the image below. You can start creating reels by clicking the Create Reels option.

Earn Money from Facebook Reels in Pakistan
Facebook Reels in Pakistan

Create Engaging Content:

Your content is the backbone of reels. You have to create content that attracts audiences. The more engaging and attractive your content is, the faster your account will grow and the more reach you will get.

There are many methods you can use to create engaging content, including storytelling and trending topics. If a new song is released, the audience searches for related tracks, so this is a unique way to increase more followers on your account.

Understand the Algorithm:

If you are thinking that you will become famous overnight then you are totally thinking wrong. Let me tell you that the whole Facebook system works on algorithms. If you want to succeed, you need to understand the algorithm first. If you consistently create videos on trending topics, your chances are high that you will be able to grow more followers.

Monetization Strategies for Pakistan 2024:

1. Ads

If you are a content creator and your account has more than 10k followers and 6 thousand minutes in the last 60 days, you can show ads on reels. This is the new monetization method provided by Facebook, you can also earn money by placing ads.

However, this option is currently only available in the US, Canada, Mexico, and other countries. Facebook is slowly providing its monetization facility in Pakistan, hope that Pakistan’s name will also come on this list soon.

2. Stars

Facebook Stars is an option where fans give stars on your short videos. The more engaging and attractive your content is, the more stars your audience or fans will give you. The more stars the content creator receives, at the end of the month these stars will be cashed. This is another great opportunity to earn money from your short videos.

If someone sends a Star, it will be worth a cent and you know that short videos, if they go viral, they get millions of views, so you can imagine its benefits. It is a great opportunity that we Pakistanis can take advantage of. You can earn extra income by joining the Facebook Star Program. You should follow their guideline before joining.

3. Reels Bonus Program

Facebook has since announced its reel option. Meta, which is a part of Facebook, has launched another project for content creators, also known as the Reels Play Bonus Program. This is a kind of bonus that will be given to creators who make reels.

If your views are high on videos in the last 30 days, you will get paid per thousand views. The reels bonus program pays its creators $35,000 every month. If you also want to join this program then follow their guidelines.

4. Brand Collaboration

If you’re looking for a way to monetize reels that doesn’t use Facebook Meta’s advertising method, you can collaborate with brands and promote their products and services through sponsored content.

In today’s digital era, many businesses and brands are looking for influencers to promote their product and business to generate more sales. If you have enough followers and views on your videos, you can find brands that fit your niche. The more famous you are, the more likely brands will contact you for promotion.

5. Affiliate Marketing

If you’re looking for a way that you don’t have to mess with Facebook meta and brands, there’s no better option than affiliate marketing. In collaboration, you promote the products and services of the brand but they only pay you for the sponsored post, In Affiliate Marketing the more times you sell the more the commission you get. 

In Affiliate Marketing, you have to choose a niche, A niche can be anything like Entertainment, Tech, Health, and fitness. Join affiliate programs that are related to your niche. You can search on the internet you will find many affiliate programs that are related to your niche. Find a profitable product and start promoting it through reels.

How much do Facebook reels pay for 1000 views?

How much does Facebook pay for 1000 views on reels? It depends on many factors, but if you are talking about 1000 views, then you can earn only a few cents or a minimum of 1$ to 2$. As we mentioned it depends on many factors like location and niche. But if we talking about reels you can’t generate a decent amount. So it’s better to go for brand collaboration and affiliate marketing.

How to Schedule Facebook reels more effectively?

If you want to grow fast on reels, you have to publish videos continuously so that Facebook’s algorithm gets more attention on your account. Many people make videos for a day or a week and then quit, so if you have the same problem, you can schedule your videos. Scheduling will keep your content published whether you are online or not. This will keep your account active and your account will have more chances to get boosted.


If you want to start your journey as a short video content creator, then Facebook Reels is a better option for you. In this article we explained in detail how you can start on it and what are the best methods to make money from it while living in Pakistan, However, if you are a content creator or an influencer, we have told you many ways to monetize such as Stars, Reels bonus, Brand collaboration, and affiliate marketing. You can apply any of these methods depending on your passion and requirements and start your journey.

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