How to Earn Money from Snack Video Creator Rewards in 2024?

Do you like to make and upload short videos on Snack? And don’t know how to earn money from it? If you think of starting your journey on it as a content creator and searching how to make money from Snack Video, what are the methods to earn a decent amount?

Friends, in this article I will talk about the Snack Video Creator Reward, its benefits, and uses if you already make videos on it then you can also maximize your earnings by following this method.

What are the Snack Video Creator Rewards?

Creator Reward is a monetization method provided by Snack Video to content creators. Now content creators can earn money through likes, shares, and views. To become a part of this program you have to upload original and unique content.

Then you will be eligible for Creator Rewards. If you don’t know how to join creator rewards and how to increase followers through it then you have to follow the complete guide below.

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How to Join a Snack Video Creator Rewards?

To join this first you have to install Snack video on Play Store. If you already have then you have to update this. Then you have to log into your account with your email or phone number. It will show you a creator reward option at the top. It’s a yellow colour button.

You have to add at least 5 videos of yourself then you will be eligible for this monetization method. Suppose you don’t know how to make engaging videos and profiles. Don’t worry we explained every single detail above.

1. Create Engaging Content:

Your content is the key to your success. You have to create your regional content which includes videos that show that you are an original personality and not using someone else’s content. Also, make sure the video you are going to create is engaging and entertaining.

2. Optimize your profile:

Create a unique and attractive profile that shows your expertise and interests. Use a Catchy title and username for your profile. Use relevant keywords according to your niche. This will not only attract your followers but also increase your visibility on Snack Video. It means there are more chances of getting into the creator reward program.

3. Post Regular:

I have seen many users who only upload videos for 1 to 2 days and say that our video is not going to the content creator’s reward and we are not making money. So it’s not a one-night process, you have to work with patience.

You have to upload videos continuously, you have to upload at least 1 to 5 videos daily, if not, then you have to upload 3 videos, by which the Snack video algorithm will recognize you and will boost your videos more.

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How to Withdrawal from Snack Video Creator Reward?

There is no limit restriction for withdrawing money from Creator Rewards. But you can withdraw money only once in a week. When Earning is showing, simply go to the Creator Reward option and you will see the Withdraw option, you have to click on it to withdraw your payment.

Snack Video Creator Rewards
Snack Video Creator Rewards

Creator reward limitations:

Snack Video keeps releasing some updates every month. This app has changed a lot compared to earlier. Due to this, there has been a lot of change in the withdrawal options. If you try to take more than two or three in a week, you will not be able to do it, so whatever money you have earned, you will only get one in a week.


Snack video is not only a platform for scrolling down videos it also gives a lot of opportunities to earn money from it. Creator reward is a monetization method that is provided by Snack Video to its users. You can join this program by uploading 5 original videos.

Just make sure you are not uploading someone else content otherwise you will be not able to use this program. By following methods and strategies you will not only just get this monetization you can also make your videos viral on snack video. 

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