How to Earn Money from Snack Video in Pakistan 2024?

Are you a content creator who likes to make videos and share them with others? And also want to earn money from it? If your answer is Yes, we will show you an application called Snack Video which is the same as TikTok. But on TikTok, you can’t make money from it.

In this digital world, The Internet provides us with many opportunities. No matter if you are a student have a job or are a housewife anyone can make money from it while doing their jobs and studies. Snack video is one of the best options if you like to make engaging short videos.

Snack Video is a short video creator and sharing platform that allows you to make short video content and share it with your audience. If you don’t know how to make money from snack video. So don’t worry, in this guide, we will show you how you can benefit from Snack video.

What is Snack Video App?

Snack Video is an excellent platform like TikTok where creators can make short videos and share them with others but on TikTok, you can’t make any direct amount of from your videos.

That’s why Snack Video come and provide us with many opportunities to make money from it while creating short and engaging video. Snack Video provides a friendly user interface that helps users to make videos in an easy way.

Snack video become a popular social media platform for those who like to make money from their talent and skills. Many content creators switch to snack video from TikTok.

How to make money from snack videos in Pakistan in 2024?

Snack Video provides you with many ways to monetize your passion. You can find different ways and opportunities to make money, but we only tell you that they are real and genuine. If you’re interested in this engaging app then read every point that we mentioned in the list:

1. Create your snack video account:

To start on Snack Video first you need to install this app on your Android and iOS device and then need to create an account on this app. It’s very easy to make an account.

You can sign up with an email or phone number, and then you need to choose a username that represents your brand and profile. Keep in mind to choose a username with focus because your audience will know you from this username.

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2. Signup Rewards:

When you make a fresh account on Snack Video you need an input code to enter while creating the account. If you don’t have a code you can’t receive any points. The points will change into real cash after 24 hours when you create an account.

3. Creating Engaging Content:

As you know, Content is the King. If you want to succeed in snack video you need to create high-quality and engaging content. That people like and want to watch it again and again.

Don’t forget the heart of success for snack videos is your engaging content. So make videos that the audience wants to watch. When people start liking your videos and engaging with your videos that makes more profit for you.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from snack video. Affiliate marketing is like when you sell other companies’ products and services through an affiliate link that is called Affiliate Marketing.

To make money from affiliate marketing first, you need to choose a niche and start making content related to this niche. Find a product according to your niche and start promoting it.

Keep note your audience trusts you so always promote a product that makes benefit for your audience. Remember you need to choose the best product cause your audience doesn’t trust you if you promote a fake product.

5. Sponsorships:

Sponsorship is also a good way to make money from snack video. When you start uploading videos on a daily basis. You start increasing followers because snack video algorithms start to viral your videos.

When you start gaining followers you can collaborate with brands and start promoting their products and services. Many big brands and companies are always looking for influencers who promote their products and services through short videos. When you promote something, the brand pays you for it.

6. Daily rewards

One of the easy ways to make money from snack video app is Daily rewards. It’s also called a daily bonus, Snack video gives you the facility to watch videos daily and get daily rewards. You can watch daily videos and get daily rewards in the shape of coins, and you will change coins into real money.

You can receive points day by day as we mentioned:

+200 Coins on Day 1

+400 Coins on Day 2

+800 Coins on Day 3

+200 Coins on Day 4

+400 Coins on Day 5

+200 Coins on Day 6

+1599 Coins on Day 7

+2399 Coins on Day 14

+2999 Coins on Day 21

+3999 Coins on Day 30

To get these coins make sure you log into snack video daily.

7. Invite Friends:

One of the popular and easy ways to make money from Snack video is referral links. Many people earn money daily with this method. All you need to do is to join a snack video referral program. Then you will receive a referral link from the snack app.

Then you need to share this link with your friends and relatives and ask them to make an account from this link. When they create an account through your link you receive a referral bonus that is 140 to 200. If 5 to 10 friends join Snack from your referral link you can easily make 1000 to 2000.

8. Participate in Snack Video Contests

Snack Video also arranges contests on the snack app. These contests are on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. So if you want to participate in these contests you will get chances to win Android, iPhones, and watches.

By participating in contests you can compete with others. Due to this, you can meet with other creators and it helps to gain your visibility on the snack video app.

How to redeem Coins?

When you complete any task that we mentioned in this article. You receive coins instead of real cash. When you complete tasks it’s not in rupees. But these coins will convert into real cash daily before 8:00 a.m., allowing you and all coins to be redeemed in rupees.

How to withdraw money from Snack Video app?

By following these steps you can easily withdraw money from Snack video app:

  • First, you need to select the profile option that is shown in the lower right corner.
  • To access snack video app setting click on the top right corner icon.
  • After entering in setting the next step is you need to add your phone number.
  • Give information about your Jazz Cash and Easy Paisa account.
  • After entering you will receive a verification code.
  • Then enter this code in the necessary field and after that, your phone number will register.
  • Now look at the drop-down many and choose the coin option.
  • You can find serial coins here in PK.
  • When you click on withdraw a new page will appear when you click.
  • Now you can withdraw money from the snack video app, but this amount is between 25 rs to 1200 rs.

You can withdraw only one time in a day.


Lastly: Snack video provide many ways to make money from it and give many opportunities to turn your passion into profit. In this guide, we share many real ways to earn money from snack videos.

No matter if you are a student, Job holder, or Housewife you can easily make money from it such as Affiliate Marketing, Sponsorships, Daily rewards, Inviting friends, Participating in Contests, etc. I hope you learn a lot from this article and help you to start your journey in snack video.


Can we get money from Snack Video?

Yes absolutely: Snack Video is the best platform for those who want to monetize their passion and skill into profit. Snack video provide us with many ways to make money from them. Whether you like creating videos or not, you can make money in both situations.

How can I get paid for my video?

When you start uploading regular engaging and informative videos on Snack video app. You will start increasing your reach and followers. After that, you can start making money from it.

When you start receiving likes and followers you can make money through snack video rewards and prizes. You can also start Affiliate marketing with it and also start collaborating with brands.

How do I open a Snack Video account?

To create an account on Snack Video you need to install it from the Play Store. Snack video is also available for iOS devices. After installation, you need to click on signup. Then you need to give your name and phone number.

You can also use email to sign up. After that you need to choose your username that will be your brand name in the future so choose it wisely.

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