How To Earn Money From Swagbucks In Pakistan (2024)

Are you living in Pakistan and want to earn some money along with your daily activities? If your answer is yes, then many mobile applications on the internet help you to complete different tasks and get money in return. But in Swagbucks you can earn instant money at home.

Many people in Pakistan think about it, is it possible to make money in Pakistan through Swagbucks? So the answer is really simple, Yes this is a rewarding platform through which you can increase your income from everywhere.

Before moving on to earning opportunities you will need to create an account using which you will start your journey. if you don’t know how to create an account then we have given you a complete guide below.

How to Create Swagbucks and Verify Account in Pakistan?

First of all, you have to visit Swagbucks official website, and then you have to choose methods to sign up. Then you have to enter your mobile number and email address. After this, you will receive a confirmation code on your mobile phone or email. When you put this code your account will be verified.

What is the convenient way to get paid at Swagbucks in Pakistan?

There are many ways to earn money on Swagbucks, the method will be different according to your interest. We mentioned all the points in detail.

1. Online Surveys:

Many people want to earn money from the Internet but don’t have any skills or knowledge, so this is a great option. You can complete different online surveys and tasks while sitting in Pakistan.

When you complete the survey you will receive coins you can convert into cash later. This is one of the best ways to maximize your earnings.

2. Watching videos:

Do you like to watch videos while lying down? But what happens if I tell you that you can also earn money by watching videos, will it be happy for you? So let’s make this happiness of yours and tell you an option on it that you can earn by watching videos.

This feature can be very useful for those who want to earn without any experience. In return, you will get SB points.  If you want to generate income while living in Pakistan without any work, then watching and earning would be a good option for you.

3. Play games and earn:

Do you like to play games? Did you know that it also provides the facility to earn money by playing games, you can play games anytime and everywhere. This earning would be good pocket money if you have good gaming skills.

Many people love to play games but in Pakistan, they don’t know how to monetize their skills so Swagbucks can be a great option for them to earn by playing games while living in Pakistan.

4. Refer and earn:

You have seen in many earning apps this option, they offer their referral program through which you earn by getting others to join. Swagbucks also provides this program to its users, you can make a good income by referring your family members and friends.

If you have good followers on social media you can share your referral link with me. This option can be very useful for those who have a large number of followers on social media.

5. Shopping and earning:

There are many opportunities to earn from Swagbucks, but this is a feature through which you can generate money while shopping. You can do online shopping through it and in return, you will get cashback returns. 

There are over 10,000 stores on Swagbucks for online shopping where you can get different gifts. As you know today is the era of online shopping, if you like to do online shopping, you can carry this app with you.

6. Search and earn:

Do you browse for hours daily? Do you also use search engines like Google daily? Then I have good news for you if you also want to earn money from through searching.

This app also pays you for searching on the internet. Surprisingly, Swagbucks also has a search engine that you can join and earn. Just like you use Google, you can earn using your search engine.

How to Withdraw Money from Swagbucks?

In Pakistan, you will get many withdrawal options from Swagbucks such as Payoneer and different card options. But if you want easy to way, I recommend withdrawing in Payoneer. Then after it, you can transfer this into Jazzcash easily. 

Is Swagbucks is real platform?

Yes, Swagbucks is a real platform that has been giving successful withdrawals to its users since 2006. If you want to his future you can search on the Internet so his payment proofs.


Swagbucks is one of the popular earning platforms on the internet, Whether you are a student or housewife you can earn money from it in different ways in Pakistan while living at home. In this guide, we explore different methods to make money from it.

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