How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan for Students?

Are you a student looking to earn income from home? If you are also searching and trying to find online work, then you come to the right place. Many students want to earn online, but they struggle to find ways that do not interfere with their studies, and they can do some side hustle.

It is obvious that if a student ignores his studies and thinks about earning money, it will have a bad effect on his studies. If you are also facing the same problems, then you don’t need to worry.

As we know, the popularity of the Internet has increased tremendously, which has also changed online jobs and work and has provided us countless facilities for students. 

So here I am going to tell you the best methods which will be very useful for the students in Pakistan and can earn a decent income from home. Are you ready to start your online journey as a student? So lets start!

Best ways to Earn Money Online in Pakistan as a Student:

For a student who is busy studying, it can take time to find online opportunities. But still, if you are a college and university student and looking for the best ways you can do it part-time. So, I have prepared a small list for you that will share all the methods that you can use while living in Pakistan as a student.

1. Freelancing:

Many students in Pakistan may already know about freelancing. Pakistan has become the second largest freelancing services provider country in the world. Freelancing in Pakistan has increased tremendously in the last few years. 

Now any student can start freelancing at home and earn good money. Freelancing should be taken seriously. But now if you want to work part-time, then freelancing can be an invaluable gift for you. Well, there are many skills in freelancing that clients pay for.

There are many online skills that you can learn and start your journey in freelancing. Some of these skills will take years to learn, and students may not be able to devote that much time. So friends, you don’t need to worry because, I also started an easy freelancing skill. 

So there are many skills for which no specific expertise is required, you can turn it into a part-time job and offer your services on freelancing platforms. I have provided you with some similar skills below which you can do in a few months and start providing your services in freelancing.

  • Post Social Media Updates
  • Design on Canva
  • Transcribe Video or Audio
  • Content Writing
  • Social Media Management

2. Join Snack Video:

You must have heard the name of the Snack video. This platform came before us when TikTok was banned. Snack Video is a short video platform that works exactly like TikTok. It is not only an entertainment app, but it also provides us with plenty of online earning facilities. 

Whether a student or a housewife, you can earn money online through it without any investment. Snack Video provides many such methods to earn and people are using it in different ways.

If you are also sitting at home or scrolling all day long, It provides you with entertainment as well as online earnings including referrals, affiliate marketing, sponsored content, etc.

If you are using this app and not making money from it, then you are missing the opportunities. So create your account on Snack Videos and start earning on it. If you don’t know how to start, then you can read our complete guide now.

3. Start Vlogging:

If you live in Pakistan, you must have seen many vloggers. Many Pakistani vloggers earn descent from YouTube. Well there are many vloggers, and it is difficult to cover everyone, so for your convenience let me tell you that Ducky Bhai who used to make roasting videos earlier has now joined daily blogging.

If you look at the growth of his channel, subscribers increased very fast after he started vlogging. Not only Ducky Bhai but also many other YouTubers do vlogging and earn a good income. If think you need expensive equipment to start vlogging.

Then you are wrong. You can start with your existing mobile. If you take a look at other vloggers. They also started with limited resources, and now they have high-quality and expensive equipment.

4. Data entry:

Do you know how to use a computer? If the answer is yes, and you use computers daily, then Data Entry Jobs are going to be beneficial for you. If you are using a computer sitting at home and getting no benefit.

It is better to monetize your free time and earn easily from home. Before start, these days there are a lot of scams happening in the name of entry jobs in Pakistan. Many people are involved in these scams and lose their money.

So you have to avoid these scams and do the real work. There are many popular platforms such as freelancing platforms Fiver, Upwork, and jobs platforms like Indeed.


In conclusion, students in Pakistan can easily earn money by using their computers sitting at home. Whether they want to do it part-time or can convert it to full-time later. In this article, I have provided a complete guide on how you as a student can work while in Pakistan with the help of your laptop and internet connection. Whether you start freelancing or YouTube vlogging. This will not only allow you to earn money, but you can also enhance your experience for your future.

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