How to Earn Money Online in Pakistan Without Investment

The popularity of online earning has increased a lot in Pakistan. As you know, the internet and technological advancement have created many facilities to achieve financial freedom. If you live in Pakistan and want to earn money online without any investment, then you are in the right place.

Many beginners are always thinking, that if they want to start online they need some kind of investment before starting. But this is a wrong approach and that’s why many people don’t start. If you also suffering from this problem then read this article completely otherwise you will miss these free online opportunities. 

In this ultimate guide, I will share proven methods that are based on my experiences and I will show you how you can start this work from home without investment while living in pakistan. All you need is an internet connection and a laptop to start. If you like to read more articles like this Visit Moneyhubhq for more:

Current Challenges in Pakistan:

Pakistan has suffered from economic problems in the last few years. Due to this many people have to suffer from unemployment. That is why many people have shifted to online work. But the problem is for those who don’t have any investment and still want to earn online, so keeping these people in mind, Today, I will share some of the best and most useful apps that help you to achieve financial freedom while working from home or any corner of Pakistan.

10 Best Ways to Earn Online in Pakistan Without Investment:

There are many ways to make money online without investment in Pakistan such as Blogging, Affiliate marketing, YouTube, Online teaching, Playing online games, and much more. I mentioned every single method in detail. That helps to start your online journey whether you are a student and want to earn money or you already know about this online field.

1. Start Blogging

Start Blogging
Start Blogging

Blogging is number one on my list now it doesn’t mean it is number one or the best way to earn money in Pakistan. Blogging means sharing knowledge with others with the help of written text. As you may have seen the big news blogs.

They all are big bloggers and experts in their fields. Blogging is one of the best methods to earn money online. If you have knowledge in some field or like to share knowledge with others, then blogging can be a great opportunity for you.

Many bloggers do blogging in Pakistan and earn thousands of dollars monthly. If you also want to do then you have to follow the complete step-by-step guide to start your journey in blogging from scratch.

How to start Blogging?

Choose Niche: To start Blogging you must first choose a niche. A niche can be anything like Health Fitness, Finance, Tech, etc. If you want to start, I would recommend you choose a niche in which you are an expert and knowledgeable. This will make your viewers more attached to you and you can share more relevant knowledge that they will come to your blog to read.

Choose a Blogging Platform: After choosing a niche your next step is to start a blog. If you have some investment you can start WordPress. Where you need a domain and hosting. The domain is your website URL name and hosting where your site will be live.

But if you do not have investment and you still want to do blogging, then you can start on Blogger which is a free platform that is provided by Google. It’s a gift from Google to newcomers. In Blogger Google provides you a free extension that is which is a kind of subdomain.

Customize your Blog: Then your next step is to design and customize your blog. Let’s suppose you visited a shop that is nothing design and does not look better. Do you like to stay there? No, that’s the same thing with your blog. So customize your blog and use themes and templates to make your blog look beautiful.

Write high quality content: Don’t forget blogging is all about content. The more engaging and unique content you write you will attract more audience. This is the main point of blogging. Content is what makes bloggers successful. So you have to provide high-quality and unique content related to your niche that will engage your users and keep them attached to your blog.

Submit your blog: After setting up your WordPress blog, you need to submit your blog to Google Search Console and Google Analytics to track your rankings.

Monetize your Blog: When you start writing content, your blog will start getting audiences after you can monetize your blog with Google AdSense which is a Google platform.

2. Earn from YouTube

Earn from YouTube
Earn from YouTube

Starting a YouTube channel in Pakistan is not difficult these days. You must have seen many YouTubers in Pakistan who create different content and earn a decent income. If you also love video content, you can start your own YouTube channel. 

How to Start Youtube Channel?

To start, you must have an idea or niche on which you want to start a YouTube channel. For example, if you like making tech videos, you can focus on making tech videos. Many people think if we want to start a channel today, we need expensive cameras and other things. 

So if you ask the big YouTubers, they will tell you that they also used free sources to reach this point. Nowadays everyone must have a mobile so you can record videos with the help of your mobile camera and start uploading them on YouTube. 

Things you have to keep in mind when starting a Channel:

Optimize YouTube Channel: Before starting you have to keep some things in mind while creating a YouTube channel, you have to optimize the YouTube channel. Add relevant keywords and tags it help the YouTube algorithm understand your channel.

Start Publishing: After that when you have to publish videos, remember that you have to optimize the title and description and must use relevant keywords in your video, it will help your videos to rank.

Monetize: When your channel reaches 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time, You can monetize your channel with Google AdSense. Where you can earn money by placing ads in your videos. When someone clicks on your ads you will receive earnings.

3. Start Freelancing

Start Freelancing
Start Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most popular methods to earn money in Pakistan. The popularity of freelancing in Pakistan has been increasing daily in the last few years. You will be surprised to hear that Pakistan ranks second in the world for providing freelancing services.

Many freelancers earn a decent income by offering their services to outside clients. If you also have a skill or expertise in a field. Then you can start selling to others, Along with this growing freelancing opportunity we come across several freelancing platforms including Fiver UpWork, and Freelancer.

Which helps freelancers connect with worldwide clients. If you have a skill and want to start freelancing then you have to follow these methods that will allow you to sell your skill to others and earn money.

How to become a Freelancer?

To become a freelancer, you must have to specialize in a skill. The client will pay you for your services. There are many freelancing skills but some most demanding are Web development, Graphic designing, Copywriting, and Digital marketing.

How to get Clients?

To get clients you need to build your portfolio. If I tell you that I am an expert in this field and you give me work, will believe me? No, because you haven’t seen any proof of my work. So a portfolio is also proof of your skill.

There are many ways to build a portfolio where you can provide free services to people starting and getting positive reviews. Giving these free services will be of great benefit to you.

The first benefit is that you will be able to improve your skills even more and the second benefit is that you can add these reviews to your portfolio which will increase your online presence.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to earn money while living in Pakistan? If your answer is yes, then I welcome you to Affiliate Marketing. This is the most popular method from which many people in Pakistan are earning a good amount of money. 

If I explain to you affiliate marketing in simple terms, it is a method in which you promote the products of other brands and get a commission every time someone purchases from your links.

All this process is through an affiliate link, you get an affiliate link that you have to promote on social media, blog, and YouTube and whenever someone clicks on it and makes a purchase, you will get a commission. 

Commission depends on what product you are promoting and what is its commission rate. Many people consider this as a passive income because they don’t use any of their products, they just use other people’s products, in which they don’t even have to take care of insurance, shopping, packing, and customer service.

Affiliate marketing can be done without investment. For this, you can use methods like blogging YouTube, and social media. After deciding your method you have to join affiliate programs including ClickBank, Amazon Associates and many others.

5. Social Media Influencer

Social Media Influencer
Social Media Influencer

Along with the growing popularity of social media, there has been a lot of revolution in influencer marketing in Pakistan and the influencer marketing industry has also grown a lot.

If you don’t know about influencer marketing, let me give you a little overview. An influencer marketer is a man or woman who creates content related to a specific niche.

And then all the brands and companies related below hire them for their brand and product to promote. on which you and they pay them for promotions. If you think this is the same as Affiliate marketing then “No” it’s different.

In affiliate marketing, you get a commission when you promote someone and make a sale through that link. But in influencer marketing when a brand hires to promote, they pay to promote. There are many famous influencers in Pakistan.

6. Play Games and Earn

Play Games and Earn
Play Games and Earn

Playing games is a good thing and is considered a great talent. But what is the use of this talent if you can’t earn anything from it? Many people play games but don’t get any return, so if you also like to do gaming and want to earn something. So there are many ways on the internet to earn money by playing games. 

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You can find many websites and platforms that pay you to play games. You will find many similar apps on the Play Store that you can use. If you look at the gaming industry, it is a billion-dollar industry. There are a lot of great gamers in the world who earn thousands of dollars every month. 

If you also have expertise in gaming, then you can start a YouTube channel. You will find many gamers who play different games and their subscribers must be in millions. If you belong to Pakistan then you must have heard the name of Star Anonymous and Mr. Jayplays. 

Star Anonymous is a pubg player who is considered one of the best pubg players in Pakistan. He is a YouTuber and a resident of the village. If you want to start your journey in gaming, you can look at the success stories who started in a small village and are earning.

7. Complete Online Surveys and Earn:

Complete Online Surveys and Earn
Complete Online Surveys and Earn

Do you want to earn online and have no skills? So you don’t need to panic. The internet offers unlimited opportunities to earn online whether you have any skill or not. You can do it through these online survey platforms.

You will not need any investment, you just have to join such platforms and apps and complete daily tasks on them. Many apps and websites available on the internet provide you with this facility.

Not only surveys but different types of activities on these platforms. If you have not heard of such apps before. I have mentioned some apps and websites below that you can use.

  • Branded Surveys
  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • Pinecone

8. Data Entry Jobs

Data Entry Jobs
Data Entry Jobs

You must have heard the names of many online jobs in which data entry jobs are very common and can be done easily at home. These are some of the best opportunities for those who want to earn money from home.

If you have a typing skill and know how to operate a computer, then this can be the best gift for you. Many people are attracted to data entry jobs but due to lack of knowledge, they fall prey to scams.

So you have to stay away from these scams. Data entry jobs can be of different types. Some of them are updating a website or system database. Entering purchases in a store daily. Data entry involves many types of varieties.

But if you know how to operate a computer and want to type, you can do it easily. Sometimes you also get data entry jobs that involve complete copy-paste work where you have to pick and paste from one place to another.

9. Teach Online and Earn

Teach Online and Earn

If you have teaching skills and expertise, then online teaching in Pakistan is a very good option to earn money from home without any investment. Now there are two types of methods involved in teaching which are paid and free. If you have investment, you can make a course and sell it on Udemy and earn money.

The popularity of online learning and teaching has increased a lot as compared to the past. You will find many platforms on the internet where Pakistanis teach online and earn money from the comfort of their homes.

The biggest advantage of online teaching is that the student does not have to leave his home and can do all this while sitting at home. If you are a Quran memorizer and read and understand the Quran well, then you can also offer this Quran teaching service to others. You can check out the different platforms that we have mentioned below. 

10. Write Assignments and Earn

Write Assignments and Earn
Write Assignments and Earn

Do you have writing skills and like to write? So you can earn by doing assignment writing. It can be the best gift for you. Writing assignment is a kind of document-based work that can be done from home. In it, you get different types of jobs like Urdu Writing Stories and you have to write them.

These are some of the best jobs for housewives who want to earn some money in their free time while sitting at home. Due to a lack of awareness in Pakistan, many people fall prey to scams. Many people will charge you some money upfront for assignment jobs.

So let me tell you that you should not pay them and stay away from them. This is a type of scam that is common in Pakistan. To do a job first you have to search on a big platform like and get all the information before. So that you don’t face any problems later.

11. Earn By Clicking Ads

Earn By Clicking Ads
Earn By Clicking Ads

This method can be very good for those who want to earn something from home without any skills. Earning money just by clicking is very easy, you don’t need to have any skills or expertise, we can do it at home with the help of our mobile.

Earning is not very special but it can be a great opportunity for a beginner who wants to earn something from the internet. where he can earn money just by clicking on ads and watching videos. You will find many apps and websites on the internet that do this, which I mention below.


Earning money online in Pakistan without any investment is not a dream. The internet has become much more advanced than before and has brought many opportunities for online earning. Those who are aware of these online possibilities are taking advantage of it.

And many beginners think before starting that we need some investment. So I have explained this problem in detail in this article. Whether you are a housewife or a student.

If you have a laptop and an internet connection, you can do this from anywhere in Pakistan. So what are you waiting for? start your online journey and achieve financial freedom while in Pakistan.

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