How to Earn Money through Urdu Poems and Ghazal Writing?

Have you ever thought of converting your Urdu poems and ghazal writing talent into cash? Imagine you can turn your beautiful words into pocket money. Do you think this is possible? The answer is very simple, Yes, you can turn your talent into different ways of earning money.

There are many people in Pakistan who love to write but they don’t take advantage of their talent or they don’t know how to earn money from their talent. So for them let me tell you that writing Urdu poems is not just to express your feelings, but it offers many opportunities for your income.

If you also have this talent and are looking for opportunities, then your search ends now. In this article, we will tell you how you can monetize your Urdu writing skill.

Earn Money by Urdu Poetry and Ghazal:

Before starting and going deep into it, You have to identify your target audience for your Urdu poems and ghazals and see what age groups are related to your target keywords and topics.

If you like to write love story poetry, then generally your target audience will be the young generation. If you have already done all this research then your next step is to choose the best platform where you can monetize your talent.

Websites that pay for Urdu Poems and Ghazal:

By the way, you can’t earn money directly by writing Urdu poetry, so you have to work strategically and convert it into cash using different platforms.

1. Blog and Website

If you love to write poems, then creating your own poetry website can be a great option for you. The blog is where you can publish your poems in the form of text and blog. If you don’t know how to set up a poetry blog? Then follow our mentioned points.

Choose a niche: Niche is what you want to write about, choose a niche related to your interest and passion. If you like to write about love poetry then choose this.

Buy Domain and Hosting: Setting up a blog is your second step. If you have some investment then you can go with WordPress it’s one of the best CMS platforms where plugins and themes make it easy for you to set up a blog in a few minutes. If you don’t have any investment You can use Google’s free platform, Blogger.

Choose a theme: The theme is the look of your blog so choose an attractive and lightweight theme for your blog. Also, make sure the theme you choose is also mobile-friendly.  

Google Search Console and Analytics: Once your blog is ready you have to submit it to the Google Search Console and Google Analytics both are Google platforms that help to track the performance of your blog.

Create content: Content is the backbone of your blog. Write content that hooks readers into your blog. For this, you have to provide attractive poetry that readers will love. Also, use images with poetry.

Monetize your Blog: Once your blog starts getting traffic from Google. You can apply for Google Adsense which is an advertising network and you can earn money by displaying ads on your blog.

2. YouTube

Friends YouTube is also one of the best sources to earn money from your Ghazal and Poetry.  As you know YouTube is also a search engine and millions of people watch YouTube videos daily. If you love to speak poetry or you have a good talent then you can start your YouTube channel.

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy, you don’t need any skills, just a Gmail account. After creating a channel you have to choose a name for your channel and a description that tells about your channel. 

You have to make your videos attractive and engaging which means you have to use light background music and videos and pictures. Nowadays, there are many video editing tools available on the internet that make this easy for you to make and edit videos.

If you want to do this on mobile too, you can do it easily. When your YouTube channel reaches 1000 subscribers and 6000 hours of watch time, you can apply for monetization and start earning money by displaying ads on your videos.

3. Sell Poetry services on Fiverr

If your poetry skill is very good or if you know how to speak good poetry then you can not only earn money from Blog and Youtube but also you can sell your service on freelancing platforms. 

Fiverr is a freelancing platform and a well-known name in the freelancing world. You can create your gigs related to poetry and ghazal. An account is allowed to create only five gigs, so you have to create different types of gigs.

But before that, you have to create a good and SEO-optimized profile. Well, it’s not really demanding skill on Fiverr so it’s better to go with Blog and Youtube.

Utilize Social media:

Today is the age of social media and every person irrespective of age uses social media regularly. Whether you are building a blog starting your own YouTube channel or thinking of offering your services on Fiverr, you have to remember that related to all of these you have to create your own social media accounts.

And you have to share your poetry and ghazals on them, now they can be in the form of videos and also in the form of pictures. Today is the era of short videos and everyone likes to watch short videos now, you can make short videos with poetry and share them on your different social media platforms.


Writing Poetry and Ghazals is no longer just an opportunity to express your feelings and passions, now you can convert it into cash. Many people are using this skill to earn money in different ways as we mentioned in this article, We explained how you can create a blog and how to start a YouTube channel. By following these methods you not only express your feelings but also make a way to earn extra income.

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