How to Go Live on Snack Video in Pakistan?

Are you a Snack Video creator and looking for ways to grow your audience and earn more revenue? Many users use it, but they don’t know about these amazing features. So, if you also want to benefit from this feature and want to engage your audience in real-time.

Today, I will tell you a simple process, with the help of this you can easily access the Snack video Live option due to this you can make your reach to the next level on this platform. Will also give sharing tips that can be used during live sessions to increase your reach even more.

What is Snack Video Live? 

Live is an option used to go live with your audiences help to increase followers on Snack Video. Content creators used this option to make live sessions and try to connect with their followers.

If you are a beginner and don’t know about getting viral on Snack Video and this feature then let me give you a short overview. It is a short video platform that works like TikTok with millions of users. Snack Video not only gives us a platform to watch short videos.

This platform also offers a lot of earning opportunities for content creators, if you are talented and like to showcase your skills, this platform can be a great option for you.

Benefits of Going Live on Snack Video:

Many creators know about this Snack Live option but they don’t about its advantages. Going live on Snack Video directly connects you with your audience.

It helps no matter whether you create regular content, this feature enhances your visibility and keeps you connected with audiences. If you are working in an informational niche then you can do a live session.

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Through this, your audience will connect with you and whatever question they have in their mind they will ask you through comments. The biggest benefit is that you solve all their problems live, which makes the user more attracted to you.

Step-by-Step Guide to Going Live on Snack Video in Pakistan:

Before using the live option you have to check that you are using the updated version of the Snack Video App, after that, you have to open the application, in the menu of the app you will see the arrow right button.

Go Live on Snack Video
Go Live on Snack Video

If you want to start, click on it and the app will go live. Before going live, you must customize your settings and use compelling title and element hashtags to attract the right audience.

How to solve the Snack Video Live option Not Working?

Snack keeps updating its app regularly and one or the other update is bound to be seen. If the Live option is not working on your phone then don’t worry.

I also faced this problem in the beginning when I went to do a live session and the option was not visible. But the solution is very simple you have to follow the methods I have given you step by step below.

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First, you have to go to the settings and then Click on (Help Center). Then Click on (Livestream) and scroll down to click on the 6th option. After this, you have to write a message to the support team and explain you haven’t received a live option and then submit this request to the support team.

Go Live on Snack Video in Pakistan
Live on Snack Video


Live option is one of the best methods to engage your audiences. Many creators use this to make live sessions with their followers. Snack Video has become one of the popular short video platforms, it also provides many online earning opportunities.

Due to this popularity of this app has increased a lot as compared to before. Content creators who use Snack Video make money in different ways whether it is through a Snack Affiliate or by referral program but very few people use the live option.

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