How Much Does a Rapido Captain Earn Per Day?

In the place of gig economy platforms, where people are seeking flexible earning opportunities while doing their 9 to 5 jobs, becoming a Rapido Captain is one of  the popular choices. If you have a bike and want to make extra income while driving then this is an opportunity for you. 


Rapido is a bike taxi service which provides quick and fast travel for us, and also becomes a method for those who want to turn their motorcycles into a source of income. But the main question for newbies is that: How much can a Rapido Captain earn in a day? In this blog post, we will explore these factors to enhance their daily earnings, and we also share how you can maximize your earning on this platform.

How much does a Rapido captain earn?

Well the answer is not simple, But normally Rapido captains earn 20000 INR to 30000 INR which is more than normal salaries. But its depends how many rides are done in a day. But if you truly want to find how much money they make you also need to take a look at other factors like ,Passenger review, Location, Per km etc. To understand this we need to know how it works:

Pricing Structure:

Rapido follows a simple Pricing model that anyone can understand easily, like distance, demand, and time of day. Captains earn a base fare for each ride, , and additional incentives may apply during peak hours or high-demand periods. 

Commission and Fees:

Like other rides apps, Rapido also charges a commission on each ride that captains do. For taking advantage of this you need to understand fee structure is crucial for Captains to gauge their actual earnings.

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Ride Frequency:

If a rapido captain does more rides in a day he can earn more money in a single day. But that is not the only main factor. Location also depends, time of day, and day of the week can impact the frequency of ride requests.

Peak Hours:

Captains often experience increased demand during specific hours, such as rush hours or weekends. You can do this by knowing the rush and busy area where hustle always continues. Knowing and strategically working during peak hours can significantly boost daily earnings.

Location Matters:

The demand for Rapido services depends on location. Captains in busy and hustle areas will get more rides requests as compared to those in quieter suburbs. If you want to maximize your earnings. You need to understand local areas to get more benefits from it.

Customer Ratings:

Customers are a way to earn money from this app. So getting a positive rating is necessary to grow on this app. Rapido rewards Captains with high customer ratings. Maintaining good ratings not only improves the Captain’s visibility on the platform but can also lead to additional bonuses and incentives.

Strategies for Maximizing Earnings:

Efficient Route Planning:

Captains who know their areas very well can also optimize their earnings by planning efficient and long routes, reducing the time between rides. Utilizing navigation apps and knowing the local traffic patterns can be advantageous.

Stay Informed About Promotions:

Rapido also introduces time to time promotions and bonuses for Captains. Staying informed about these incentives and taking advantage of them can significantly impact daily earnings.

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How Much Does Rapido Pay Per Kilometer?

Rapido pays almost 10 INR to her captain. If a captain rides a bike 10 to 12 hours a day he can easily earn 1500 INR per day and it’s almost 35000 INR to 42000 in one month.

In big hustle cities like Hyderaba and Delhi, Due to traffic and other factors, rides take more time to reach their locations. And this is a plus point for captains because they make more money if they face these types of challenges.

Let’s look at the Earning of Rapido Captain-

TimingKilometersEarningsTotal Earning
Mid Night12 am to 3 am25 kmRs.100Rs.100
Morning6 am to 11 amFirst 35 kmRs.170Up to
Afternoon11 am to 4 pmFirst 30 kmRs.100Rs.200
Evening4:30 pm to 10:30 pmFirst 35kmRs.150Up to
After 100 ridesRs.500Rs.1000
per week
After 150 ridesRs.500
Average Daily
Daily Basis340kmApprox.
per day

How To Apply For Rapido Bike Jobs In 2023?

Are you interested in becoming a Rapido captain? Follow these straightforward steps to become a part of the community:

  • Install the Rapido Captain App from the Play Store on your smartphone.
  • Tap on “Get started.”
  • Choose your preferred language on the subsequent page, then click the arrow (>) located in the bottom right corner.
  • Enter your mobile number and password to either register or log in.
  • Provide the OTP on the next page.
  • Under “Search city,” pick your city.
  • Select your city, choose the service, and click “Next.”
  • Enter the necessary details on the following page.
  • After uploading your photo, select the arrow (>) option.
  • Add your driving license number and expiration date. Once all details are filled, you can login and start offering rides.

Which things are required to become a Rapido Captain?

if you want to join, make sure you are meeting this requirement:

Phone Requirements: Your phone should be an Android device with a 3G mobile data connection.

  • Bike Model: Your bike must be a model from 2009 or newer.
  • Driving License: Possess a valid driving license.
  • Vehicle Documentation:
  • Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC)
  • Valid Bike Insurance
  • Identification: Provide a PAN Card.
  • Safety Gear: Have two helmets, one for the Captain and one for the Pillion passenger.


In conclusion, the question of how much a Rapido Captain can earn per day or per month doesn’t have a single and easy answer. It depends on many factors, including strategy, location, and adaptability. We explained every single detail in this article. By following these methods you can estimate your earnings from Rapido and you can also maximize your earnings by implementing these methods and strategies.

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