How to Earn Money from Udemy in Pakistan? (2024)

If are you an expert in a skill or field and are looking for new ways to earn money in Pakistan, then you don’t need to go anywhere else. Udemy is a platform that opens the doors of both earning and learning for you. Whether you want to learn some skills or you want to share your skills with others.

This platform is one of the best online teaching platforms. In this article, we will tell you how you can earn money from Udemy in Pakistan by taking advantage of your skills and expertise, So let’s start this journey.

What is Udemy and how does it work?

In this landscape of online learning. Udemy is considered one of the largest online learning universities in the world, where learners and teachers connect with each other. On this platform, you can learn different types of courses and in different languages.

No matter where you are from. You can learn your favorite skill on Udemy and start your career. It is a global online teaching platform where there are experts and instructors from all over the world. Her user-friendly interface offers the best platform for creating courses, customizing them, and presenting them to the world.

Earn Money from Udemy in Pakistan Step by Step:

To make money with Udemy you should first pay attention to how it works and what challenges you have to face from creating a successful course. And which marketing strategies you need to apply to promote your course to increase sales. If you never made and promoted a course on Udemy then follow us we will guide you. Let’s explore with us step by step:

1. Setting Up Your Udemy Account

  • Creating an account:

Your first step to start your journey on Udemy is to create an account and set up your profile.  Use a good and professional photo for your profile. Write a good and attractive bio that describes your expertise. This will not only attract more students to you but also increase your visibility on the platform. 

  • Profile optimization:

Be aware that you are not the only one selling courses on Udemy, you will find many competitors out there ranking their courses. To analyze these competitors you should need to understand the Udemy algorithm.

Look at your competitors, make a list of relevant keywords, and replace and optimize them well in your bio and course description. If you optimize your profile well, your search experience has a higher chance of getting more students to enroll in your course.

  • Udemy Guidelines and Policies:

Before creating content, you should make sure that you have followed Udemy’s guidelines and policies, as following these guidelines can facilitate your online teaching journey on this platform. There are different types of policies, including copyright regulation, pricing policies, and community standards.

2. Choosing a Profitable Niche:

  • Researching popular and in-demand topics in Pakistan:

If you want to maximize your earnings, then you have to choose the niche according to the Pakistani audience. Research the trending topics and analyze which opportunities are most in demand in Pakistan. By doing this, you will be able to create content based on your audience’s interests and needs.

  • Identify your Expertise and Experience:

Before going for the profitable niche, you have to keep in mind that you choose the niche according to your expertise and qualifications. You can teach more about the skill that is relevant to your experience. So you can give maximum quality to your course.

  • Analyze the competition on Udemy:

If you finally choose your niche, your next step is to analyze your competition. Complete Analyze which courses show up when you use your search keyword analyze them all, and find out where you might be fit. 

3. Create high-quality content:

  • Planning your course structure:

Your content structure is a very important tool because most of the chances depend on this structure module. Create an attractive outline of your course and divide the topics into different sections. It will clearly let the students know what topics and headings will be covered which will make the students focus more on the course.

  • Create Engaging Content:

If you want to increase the success rate of your course, you need to make your course engaging and friendly. Enrollees in your course should feel like they’re not just getting information, they’re engaging well. Because many students feel bored when it comes to information.

You have to solve this problem of students by making the content engaging. To make it engaging use a variety of teaching methods, such as visual aids, practical examples, and interactive elements, to serve different learning styles.

  • Utilizing multimedia for enhanced learning:

Enhance the learning experience by integrating multimedia elements into your course. This could include video lectures, slideshows, quizzes, and supplementary materials. A multimedia-rich course not only keeps students engaged but also reinforces their understanding of the subject matter.

  • Setting the Right Price for Your Course:

Now you have done all the work, Now your main step is to set the price of your course.  Udemy offers a variety of pricing options, including one-time payment and subscription models. To select the price of the course, you have to analyze the market and your target audience and keep the price accordingly.

If your course is special for a Pakistani audience then you have to keep a balance of how much money Pakistani learners can afford. You have to analyze everything to figure it out. if your competitor is selling more courses in Pakistan then you have to look at his price. You have to run special discounts on various events and festivals to attract more students to your course who have budget issues.

When it comes to selecting the price of goods, you must not compromise on what value you are providing to your audience by clearly communicating with them what they can learn from the course.  And how this course is specially designed for Pakistanis and how they can benefit from it.

4. Marketing Your Udemy Course:

  • Create a landing page for the Course:

The landing page will be the virtual storefront of your course where users will come and buy your course. Make sure your landing page is informative and attractive, you can use eye-catching titles and images that explain your course. If you don’t know how to create a landing page, you can watch the YouTube video we mentioned below:

Create landing Page
  • Use Social Media:

Social media is one of the most powerful tools to promote your course. Create your profile on all popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. Optimize all these profiles. You have to build your audience on all these platforms.

To do this, you will share engaging posts daily and use relevant hashtags to reach people who are searching for your posts. As you know today’s young generation uses social media very actively, you can use this platform to promote your course as much as possible.

  • Promotional tools on Udemy:

Udemy also provides a promotional tool that allows you to increase the availability of your course and reach more users. Take advantage of features like promotional announcements, discounts, and Udemy’s affiliate program. These tools not only attract new students but also encourage existing ones to explore additional courses from your catalog.

  • Engaging with Your Students:

Be active and engage with your audience and share time-to-time experiences with them.  Respond to all their questions and support all student queries and feedback. If a student doesn’t like your course, you’ll ask them why they didn’t like it.

And you can guide them better. If you want to make it more engaging, You have to use forums and Q&A sections in your course.  Students feel that they are not only learning but also getting value from your course.

  • Udemy’s Affiliate Program:

If you want to maximize your earnings even more, Udemy offers you an affiliate program that you can use to promote your course to more audiences. In this, affiliate marketers promote your course and deliver it to the broader audience for which they earn some percentage commission.

If you want to promote your course through affiliate marketing, you need to know the basics of the game. You should know how affiliate links work and how to track your conversions.


Can I teach any subject on Udemy?

Absolutely! Udemy caters to a vast range of topics. Just ensure there’s demand for your chosen subject in Pakistan.

How much can I earn on Udemy?

It is possible to earn a substantial income over time with a well-marketed, high-quality course.

Do I need professional equipment to create a course?

It’s important to have quality equipment, but you can start with the basics. As your business grows, upgrade your equipment.

Are there any upfront costs to selling on Udemy?

No upfront costs. Udemy takes a percentage of your course sales.

How can I promote my Udemy course in Pakistan?

Make use of social media, local forums, and word-of-mouth marketing. The marketing tools available on Udemy are also at your disposal.


If you have any skill and expertise, and thinking about starting a journey on Udemy while living in Pakistan then it would be the best and profitable option for you. In this digital world, the Demand for Online teaching has increased a lot.

But success on this platform requires dedication, quality content, and ongoing engagement with your audience. By following the methods we mentioned in this article you can start your online teaching journey on this Udemy.

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