How to Reactivate Swagbucks Account?

Swagbucks is an online multi-rewarding platform. This is one of the best online platforms for me which I use to earn money from the internet by doing different online activities.

Such as Watching videos, completing surveys, Online shopping, and much more. Sometimes things are going well but later your account gets deactivated.

This problem has happened to me many times, initially, I was very worried and used to search on the internet how to recover my account.


However, after doing a lot of research, I found a complete solution and today I will discuss it with those who facing this problem who lost their accounts by doing some violations they don’t know about.

I know it’s very sad and can be a cause of depression for many beginners and why not Swagbucks is a great platform that offers you the best ways to earn money.

Later you can withdraw it easily, Swagbucks provides an easy-to-use option to redeem through PayPal, Payoneer, and Amazon gift cards. But the main problem is what to do when your account is deactivated, so friends you don’t have to panic, I will give you a complete guide in this blog post.

Understanding Account Deactivation:

Many people want to reactivate their account but they don’t know why they got deactivated. So viewers sometimes we are so busy with our activities.

That we don’t know that we are violating this platform which is against the Terms and Uses of Swagbucks. Sometimes this happens due to which account is deactivated. So to avoid repeating this mistake.

It is better to always keep the guidelines in mind. And keep yourself updated with the updates it brings. From this, you can continue your earning on it without facing any problems.

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Steps to Reactivate Your Swagbucks Account:

To reactivate, you must first login to your account. If you need help logging in, you should go to Google search results and search for “Swagbucks contact”. Then click on the first website.

reactivate swagbucks account

Now you are on the Main Contact page, Now click on ”Contact us”.

swagbucks account

You can see many types of contact requests just click on “Account updates”.

how to reactivate swagbucks account

Now contact form will appear after clicking, Enter every detail here like, Email, Subject, and Request, and write a complete message where you will explain about deactivation. You can also upload a picture of your account. After this submit this request.

swagbucks account

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Resolve Account issues:

If your account is closed for any reason then you have to contact the support team for which you have to keep some things in mind and you must keep in mind.

When you to the support team, you have to clearly explain to them how your account is deactivated. If in any case, they ask you for some documents like email confirmation then you have to provide them.

Sometimes it takes time to reply to the support, so you have to be patient and don’t do anything in a hurry. When you send multiple requests, your account reactivation process becomes slow.

Why Reactivate Your Swagbucks Account?

Before proceeding to the reactivation process you need to ask yourself why should you reactivate your account. You must have been impressed by his possibilities to make money.

That is why you are still researching to recover your account. By activating, you can achieve again these online earning possibilities.

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The account deactivation process on Swagbucks is very simple and easy which is an easy step for every beginner. By following the complete method mentioned in this article, you can reactivate your account again.

Remember that even if your its gets deactivated, you have to do this with patience otherwise later it will cause a problem for you and you will face problems so you have to always keep the guidelines in your mind while using this platform.

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