How to Recover Snack Video Account (Safely)

Are you trying to recover your snack video account? You have also mistakenly deleted the Snack Video account. Then don’t worry you are not alone. I am also a regular snack video user and sometimes I delete my account mistakenly but sometimes it becomes a headache because I have uploaded videos that are very important to me.

So if you are suffering from all these pains and want to know how to recover your account in Snack Video, then in this article I will tell you how you can recover your account by following these methods. So let’s start.

How to recover the Snack video account?

If your account has been deleted mistakenly or someone has done it intentionally, then I will tell you the simple steps because this problem has happened to me many times, but let me tell you if your account is deleted. If it does, you have 72 hours to recover your account. 

Before proceeding to account recovery, you should know which method you used to log into your account, it has an email phone number, and the option to log in with Facebook.

Just open the Snack video app and click on the profile icon and here u can see multiple options to log in. Remember which method you used to create an account. For example, you make an account by email and then click on it, and then see the magic your account is recovered.

Note: You must do this within 72 hours of deleting the account.


Snack video is a platform for content creators to showcase their creativity and talent. Not only this It also provides many ways to make money from it. Whatever your content is related to every niche and topic. Snack video is one of the best tools to monetize your skill. Sometimes mistakenly we delete our account but no need to worry. By following the method that I discussed in this article you can easily recover your account. If you have any questions related to this you can ask in the comment section. 

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