Online Teaching Platforms in Pakistan 2024

Are you ready to maximize your learning and teaching experience? If your answer is yes, then I welcome you to Online Education in Pakistan. As you know, along with the advancement in the internet and technology, there has been an increase in education as well. 

Due to advancement, online learning has become easier than before. In this practical guide, we will tell you about online teaching platforms that are available in Pakistan. Providing insights into their features, benefits, and how they are reshaping education. 

Whether you are a student who wants to study at home or you are a teacher who wants to share your skills and expertise with others, these platforms have proven to be very useful for both and helps to earn money in Pakistan without investment. We are going to embark on a journey to discover the future of learning from the comfort of our own homes.

Best Online Teaching Platforms in Pakistan:

Well, there are many Online Tuition Websites in Pakistan where you can Teach and Earn Money, that help both teachers and students, but it depends on many practical factors which one is best for you. We have listed all the platforms below. Now you can choose the platforms according to your needs.

1. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most popular Online Education platforms in the world. It makes it very easy for online tutors to create and upload courses due to its user-friendly interface, allowing visiting tutors to offer their services on Udemy and create and list their courses.


And not only that, if you are an expert in a skill that not only students in Pakistan are eager to learn, but also students in other countries of the world are ready to learn, then you can not only teach students in Pakistan. You can also earn money by selling your courses to students outside Pakistan.

If you have skills like graphic designing or content writing or digital marketing like web development, then Udemy is the best option for you because most of the people who visit Udemy are interested in such skills.

How to sell courses on Udemy in Pakistan?

If you want to join as a teacher, We explain you step by step how you can earn money from Udemy:

  • Choose and Validate a Topic. …
  • Assess the competition. …
  • Understand Udemy requirements. …
  • Learn about Udemy course creation. …
  • Do Some Basic Planning. …
  • Set up your video studio. …
  • Create the course. …
  • Start creating your sales funnel.

2. Digiskills

If you live in Pakistan, you must have heard the name Digiskills. Let me tell you that it is an educational institution offered by the government of Pakistan, which can also be called a virtual university.


On this platform, you will get to see the best tutors in Pakistan who belong to different fields. If you are looking for an institute that is from Govt, then Digiskills can be the best platform for skill up. Digi-skills is one of the biggest names in online universities in Pakistan.

You get to learn all kinds of skills in this university, whether you are from the field of digital marketing or researching the subject taught in school. You will get to see teachers who have worked and developed in their lives and can learn the same skills from them on this platform.

3. Preply

Preply is one of the most popular online education platforms in the world. In which there are qualified teachers from all over the world. Preply was launched in 2012 and is one of the best online learning platforms in today’s era. 


The number of learners from this platform is huge, students from around 180 countries come to learn on this platform. More than 35 thousand teachers are present on this platform. You will find content in more than 50 languages ​​on this platform.

You will find teachers speaking all kinds of languages. You can earn 10$ to 18$ per hour as an online teacher. If you want to know how to apply for Pay, then we have given step by step below:

How to register on Preply as a tutor?

  • Tell us a little about yourself (name, country of origin, languages you speak, subject you teach, etc.).
  • Create a profile picture and upload it.
  • Make a short introduction video (up to 2 minutes)
  • Create a profile description that highlights your skills and qualities as a tutor.
  • Make sure your profile is verified.

4. Beacon Tutors

It is one of the largest online tuition websites in Pakistan. The special feature of this platform is that it also provides home tutoring services along with online tutoring facilities. Now it depends on you which method you prefer.

Beacon Tutors
Beacon Tutors

Beacon Tutors has more than 10 thousand expert teachers including both male and female teachers. You can choose your teacher according to your subject. The best thing about this platform is that you can use it for free for two days which means you get two days of trial.

If you like the services then you can take a paid subscription. If you want to take home tuition, they provide home tuition services only in four major cities of Pakistan, which include Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Rawalpindi.


Tutorbees is one of the online tuition websites in Pakistan, the special thing about this platform is that you will find teachers who belong to Pakistan. As you know, there are many students who find it difficult to understand physics, math, and chemistry, so they look for such teachers for their subjects.

If you are also a master in such subjects. You can provide them with online tuition. There are physics, chemistry and other Pakistani books which students find very difficult so you can offer your services to them.

6. Daraz University

Hearing the name Daraz, many people will think that I am talking about online shopping. But you are right to some extent that Daraz is not just a platform for online shopping. Apart from the Daraz e-commerce platform, Daraz University also offers you the opportunity to earn money as an online tutor.


How can I start online teaching at home in Pakistan?

To do online teaching from home in Pakistan, you must have a skill that you can teach others. You have to analyze which skill is in demand in Pakistan. If you have it, then you can create your online presence and build your audience through social media and website.

Make all social media accounts and start posting content on a daily basis. For quick results, you can spend some money on advertisements.

Which platform is best for online tutoring in Pakistan?

There are many platforms for online teaching in Pakistan. But it all depends on your skill and expertise. If you have digital skill, then International platforms like Udemy and Skill Share is best for you. If you have expertise in subjects like Physics Chemistry and mathematics then Beacon Tutors, Tutorbees, and Digiskills are best for you.

How can teachers earn money online in Pakistan?

Teachers in Pakistan can earn money by selling courses and providing online tuition services. If you create your own course and market it, you can earn good money. As a teacher, you can join online tutoring websites in Pakistan.


Online tutoring websites provide opportunities for students and teachers in Pakistan. With the advancement of the internet and technology, learning a skill is much easier than before. We shared one of the best online tutor platforms in this blog post, whether you are a student who wants to learn a skill or a teacher who wants to share knowledge through online teaching, this article is helpful for both.

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