TikTok vs Snack Video: Which one is better for you in 2024?

As you know today is the era of short videos and everyone likes to watch short videos instead of long videos. Due to this many platforms come on the internet to show this amazing feature, Snack Video, and TikTok are some of the popular platforms in this list.

You must have heard these names many times. These two platforms are well-known names in terms of short videos and have millions of active users. I use and experience these apps and I am very suspicious of watching short videos. But as a beginner, If you don’t know what is the difference between them and which platform is suitable for you in 2024.

So In this article, I will tell you according to my experience that as a content creator if you want to start your journey and earn money from your passion and talent. So in this case which platform is good for you? So let’s explore the differences between these 2 amazing platforms.

TikTok vs Snack Video: What is the difference?


TikTok is a Chinese-made platform that was previously known as Music.ly. But later its name changed to TikTok. It is one of the famous platforms with millions of monthly active users. It’s not only a platform to just scrolling videos but also provides a great interface for content creators and a user-friendly interface that is easy to use for everyone.

Snack Video:

Snack Video is also a short video platform that provides content creators with the facility to monetize their skills, but this is a new platform, well after TikTok, This platform gained a lot of popularity. It’s like a rising star gaining even more popularity right now.


If you look at the home page of both, you may find it difficult to guess which platform you are using as both the homepages are almost the same and the scroll down is the same. There is an option where you can see the trending page which has viral videos.

Apart from this, you can also look at the system of hashtags. They also work similarly. Hashtags are related to trending topics and videos. Content creators use trending hashtags to make their videos go viral.

User interface:

Regarding the user interface, the TikTok interface and user experience are more engaging than the other.  People are well aware of its platform before others. It is an international platform known for its better user experience and more options. You can create a playlist of short videos which can be according to your interest and passion. If we compare it to snack video, TikTok is a more stable platform.


When it comes to popularity, it is obvious that TikTok is more popular than Snack Video because it is an international platform and it is much earlier, many big content creators know it very well and use it regularly. Snack video is also a popular platform but not as much as TikTok. But maybe in the future, it will be like others.



Viewers TikTok didn’t provide any monetization method before but people were still earning money from it in different ways now TikTok has added a monetization method by showing ads on video. Earlier people were making money through affiliate marketing, sponsored and different ways or some content creators would redirect their followers to Instagram, and from there they would increase their reach and make money from there.

Snack Video:

When Snack Video hit the market, many people were eager to know how to make money from Snack Video and what strategies could be used to make a profit source of income from it. It has several monetization methods which include referral programs, sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, and more. After that, the more snack coins you get, you can convert into rupees, so it’s a good choice for people who want to earn something for pocket money.

Case Studies:

If we talk about the case studies, you will find many Success stories on TikTok where the content creators made a lot of money through their content and considered it as a business.  You will find a huge list of content creators on the internet who have millions of followers and are earning thousands of dollars every month. On the other hand, if we talk about the snack video, the chances of you seeing success stories are rare.


Is Snack Video similar to TikTok?

As both platforms provide short-form video content, Snack Video and TikTok share similarities. The features, user interface, and functionality of each differ, however.

Is Snack Video better than TikTok?

It depends on several factors to decide whether Snack Video is better than TikTok, There are unique features on both platforms, and they cater to different demographics of users.

What is better: YouTube or TikTok?

YouTube and TikTok are compared based on their content, audience engagement, and content creation tools.

Which country does Snack Video belong to?

Snack Video is owned by Kuaishou Technology, a Chinese tech company that specializes in short-form video applications.

Is Snack Video available globally?

Yes, Snack Video is expanding its reach globally, bringing its unique flavor to worldwide audiences.


Lastly, I explain TikTok vs Snack Video in detail and which one is better for you. If you are a beginner then I would recommend you to go for snack videos first if you get some popularity there then you can move to TikTok. if you want to make instant money then Snack video is suitable for you.

But if you want to take it seriously like a business, you can start with TikTok. In this article, I explained the deep inside of these both apps. Their comparison similarities and monetization method. If you are a content creator and like to make short videos and looking for a suitable platform? Then this complete guide help you to start your journey as a content creator.

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